Team Development

I have devised and facilitated a range of different team development programmes founded on a strong belief that Together Everyone Achieves More = TEAM. The combined effort and energy of a high performing team achieves more and provides greater satisfaction for members than individuals working alone, no matter how effective they personally are.

Team programme are developed to suit the needs of the team, for example:

  • New leader building the team.
  • Changes in team leadership.
  • Established team looking to re-focus.
  • Team working on a major new initiative.

Teams will be helped to ensure clarity about key goals and each individual's role in achieving the goals. The work will also provide opportunities to devise processes to help planning and review, making team time together active and productive. Supporting this will be activities to forge the team into an effective working unit with good working relationships, the fundamental key to successful outcomes.

Programmes can take place at times suitable for clients. Please email:

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