Leadership Coaching

I am an experienced coach and have worked with a variety of people in senior leadership roles; headteachers, senior leaders in schools and chief and senior executives. Leaders can feel isolated in their role and have little space to talk through issues or indeed have someone appropriate with whom to achieve this. Coaching sessions with a skilled practitioner such as myself provide the space and climate to talk openly and in complete confidence.

Client centred approach

I use a client-centred approach, based on the work of Gerard Egan, enabling the client to clarify the issues they wish to address and helping them identify the ways to move forward productively.

Coaching sessions last typically about an hour and can be arranged to suit the convenience of the individual. Clients are guaranteed confidentiality and can choose how they want the sessions to proceed.

I am also a trainer for people who want to develop their coaching skills and provide training for staff in organisations. Participants observe coaching in action and have the opportunity to practice in a supportive environment with feedback about skills demonstrated and development needs.

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